Monday, 10 February 2014

P.U.D's Spicy South Indian Whisky Bites Menu

We've created a special menu for Birmingham's upcoming Whisky Festival on March 1st at the Bond. These tasty South Indian tidbits are perfect for grazing on while enjoying a smoky, peaty whisky as the firm spirit and holds perfectly with spice...

Light Bites:

~Fish-Tapioca Cutlets£3

Fresh Mackerel & Tapioca cutlets spiced with chillies, ginger and roasted cumin then lightly breaded and fried

~Soondal (Spicy Chickpea-Coconut Mix)… £1.50

A zesty, fresh mix of chickpeas, fresh coconut flakes, lime, crushed chilly & coriander


~Salted Peanuts & Peppery Fried Rice Sticks… £1


…and if you’re hungrier:


~Idly, Sambar & Two Homemade Chutneys… £5

A spicy five-vegetable sambar curry served with fluffy rice-lentil idly dumplings and two fresh, homemade chutneys

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